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” […] the locus of Mortier’s practice is marked by his research into ‘the space between a difference™‘. Having stated that ‘art is a relational process in constant need of completion his work talks about transformations and positions; where the meaning is nothing more than the response i.e. art in actu.

Characteristic in Mortier’s work is the production of absence. Not through the use of objets trouvés, but through the use of phénomènes trouvés: recurring, non-repetitive patterns and situations that represent our inevitable position of ‘being in the world’. Phenomena and situations that he appropriates ever so delicately to become dormant memories, waiting to be reactivated whenever they occur again in daily life.
Mortier connects relations – his art material of choice – to take shape i.e. to generate forms. Forms that include but are not limited to paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, interventions in the public domain, undefined and unlabelled

mail [at] thierrymortier [dot] com | +32 496 99 03 08 (BE) | +46 76-536 22 16 (SE) 

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R.I.A. / articulations is a double feature Revue/Art Journal by Ben Benaouisse and thierry mortier.
R.I.A. Révolution Individuelle Appliquée is run by Ben Benaouisse and is a “revue d’art trimestrielle”.
Art Journal articulations is edited by thierry mortier and is published three times a year.

R.I.A./Articulations site: here.

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Differentiated non-differentiation: A diagrammatical approach to the trialectics of difference – from mono-dialectics to mono-trialectics

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