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” […] the locus of mortier’s practice is marked by his research into the space between a difference: differentiating non-differentiation. Having stated that art is a relational process in constant need of completion his work talks about transformations and positions. A construction of signs that deal with superposition, alterity and context; where the meaning is always the response i.e. art in actu. […]”


studio thierry mortier | Gent, Belgium/Stockholm, Sweden | mail [at] thierrymortier [dot] com | +32 496 99 03 08 (BE) – +46 76-536 22 16 (SE)

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Interview with Art-blogger and curator Hilde Van Canneyt here. (2013 – in Dutch only)

Blog feature after studio visit from the Art Spotter waterschoenen (2014)

Blog feature on the ILYA PRIGOGINE intervention on waterschoenen (2014)

A small interview for the Newtopia blog (2012)

Blog feature on the OFF TRACK intervention CCTV on gentblogt (2012)


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R.I.A. / articulations is a double feature Revue/Art Journal by Ben Benaouisse and thierry mortier.
R.I.A. Révolution Individuelle Appliquée is run by Ben Benaouisse and is a “revue d’art trimestrielle”.
Art Journal articulations is edited by thierry mortier and is published three times a year.

R.I.A./Articulations site: here.

Article by TM in Semiotica:

Differentiated non-differentiation: A diagrammatical approach to the trialectics of difference – from mono-dialectics to mono-trialectics

Articles by TM for Semionaut.net:

Semiotics as Art: Kosuth

Semiotics as Art: Ryan