13 Chairs: companion publication to the one year 13 Chairs project @ CAMPO art center, Ghent, 2019
– pdf version available on request

R.I.A./articulations: double feature Revue/Art Journal by Ben Benaouisse and thierry mortier (2014-…).
R.I.A. Révolution Individuelle Appliquée is run by Ben Benaouisse and is a “revue d’art trimestrielle”.
Art Journal articulations is edited by thierry mortier and is published three times a year.

De nood aan atheïsme: three, & free, translations into Dutch of the Percy Shelley’s pamphlet The Necessity of Atheism. – 2014

available as pdf here.

Limited edition (178 copies): ILYA PRIGOGINE in kleur – ILYA PRIGOGINE in color – 2014
89 colouring pages Riso A4 printed on
Lessebo Design 1,3 White 200g
by Topocopy

more info on the participating artists & exhibition here.

Eendracht/L’union: small companion publication to the public intervention in Kortrijk, BE, 2013

more info on the work here.

Limited edition: the unabridged encyclopaedia of human knowledge to date, 2011