2021 21.3.21 – 10.1.2022 Pre-production KVADRENNALEN, artist-run, nation-wide art quadrennial, Sweden
2021 17.01 – 28.02.2020, Art Ghent, Group exhibition, Ghent, Belgium curated by Ben Benaouisse
2020 19.09 – 04.10.2020, Group exhibition, untitlement, Kummelholmen, Stockholm, Sweden curated by Torbjörn Johansson and Jan Watteus
2020 2 – 14.06.2020,Group exhibition, Isolering | Kommunikation, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden curated by curatorgruppen Muskot
2020 10 – 13.04.2020,Group exhibition, PÅ EN FAMNS AVSTÅND, Sölvesborg, Sweden
2019 24.10 – 3.11.2019, DES- (Delenda Est Sölvesborg-), WIP:STHLM Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 18-19 & 25-26.5.2019 Group exhibition, Kunst Kijken, Begijnhof Gent, Belgium, curated by Kristof Lemmens
2019 1-31.3.2019 Guest- artist at Q or A exhibition by Mohammed Alani, CC De Schakel, Waregem, Belgium curated by Philip Marquebreuck
2019 12 & 13.1.2019 13Chairs, overview exhibition 1-year program, SANTO, Ghent, Belgium curated by Ben Benaouisse
2018 04.11-09.12.2018 Le désert de Kasimir, Frontspace, Bruthaus Gallery, Waregem, Belgium
2018 14.9- 13.10.2018 “Biënnale van Ideeën”, CC De Steiger Menen, Belgium curated by Hans Martens
2018 8.7- 26.8.2018 “RAW”, Mechelen, Belgium curated by Lieven Cateau
2018 16.3-15.4.2018, Fair and Square, CC ‘De ververij’, Ronse, Belgium curated by Peter Van Ammel & Christophe Denys
2018 13.1.18-13.1.2019 13Chairs, Ghent, Belgium curated by Ben Benaouisse (one year series)
2017 26.8-10.9.17 Kunst&Zwalm kunstroute, Zwalm, Belgium
2017 10-26.3.17 Prijs Beeldende kunsten “Kleinsculptuur en object” Harelbeke, Kunsthuis, Harelbeke, Belgium
2016 12-18.9.16 Verboten für Glaübige @ Blanco, Gent, Belgium
2016 7-8.5.16 DRKPSTRT, Pletwalsprinten op straat, Sorry not Sorry festival, Gent
2016 21-24.4.16 ATC Artist Trading Cards, Charity Exhibition, galerie Martin van Blerk, Antwerp, organised by Charlotte Lybeer & Barry Camps
2016 15.4-30.6.16 Duo-exhibition with Steven Messiaen, Public Intervention “De Nis”, Muziekacademie De Poel, Ghent, curated by Hilde Van Canneyt
2015 12.2015 Completion first year of publication RIA/Articulations, Ben Benaouisse & thierry mortier
2015 14-29.11.2015 on-rust in Brugge, Brugge, curated by Aäron Willem
2015 2.8-20.9.2015 AbC Memory @ KARFOUR, Dok Gent, curated by Ben Benaouisse
2015 23,24 & 30,31.5.2015 Kunst Kijken in het Begijnhof, Gent, curated by Kristof Lemmens
2015 25.3.2015 Public intervention @ TIG#3 TumultinGent, Biezekapelstraat, Gent, Belgium, curated by Bert De Geyter
2015 2.2015 40 years after Henri Lefebvre, The production of Space, Lindelei, Gent, Belgium, curated by Bert Heytens
2015 20.2- 21.3.2015 A Belgian Politician, Marion De Cannière Art Space, Antwerp, Belgium, curated by Lieven Segers & Tom Liekens
2014 14.12.2014 Lancering RIA/Articulations, Ben Benaouisse & Thierry Mortier, Jan Collegalerij, Gent, Belgium
2014 9.08-28.09.2014 group show Gasthoven Invites, CC Het Gasthuis, Aarschot, Belgium
2014 8.31 nothing called nothing is nothing, SECONDroom, Dok Gent, Belgium
2014 21-25.7.2014 Ilya Prigogine in Kleur, public, participatory group exhibition, Ham 145, Ghent, Belgium
2014 29.05-15.06.2014 KunstSalon 2014 Brugge, Stadshallen, Brugge, Belgium
2013 24.10-09.11.2013 group show De beperking van het getal kinders, curated by Tom Nys, Lokaal01, Antwerp, Belgium
2013.19.7-22.9.2013 guest artist @ ALL YOU NEED IS IN DANGER, tentoonstellingsproject van Ben Benaouisse, Entrepot Fictief, Gent, Belgium
2013 4.7-18.8.2013 city exhibition, Kortrijk Vlaandert, Kortrijk, Belgium, curated by Hilde Van Canneyt
12.2012 group show. selection Prijs Fonds Hilde Demedts Grafiek. Ooidonk, Belgium.
09.2012 group show. Kunstroute Zwijnaarde, Belgium
05-09.2012 OFF TRACK: CCTV, corvus corone tv. Temporary public installation (12.05 – 16.09.2012) OFF programme to the city exhibition TRACK organised by S.M.A.K. Ghent, Belgium
06.2012 group show, Zwijnaarde, Belgium.
03.2012 group show. selection Prijs Beeldende kunsten Harelbeke. Harelbeke, Belgium.
01.2012 travelling group show the December Store at Galerie Jan Dhaese, Ghent, Belgium – curated by Jan Van Woensel (BE) & Vanessa Albury (US).
09.2011 studio show: stochastic resonance. Zwijnaarde (Ghent) Belgium
08.2010 group show Fast Forward curated by Amuseevous at MoMu (Fashion Museum) Antwerp, Belgium
2007 group show the young ones 07 MDZ Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium
2006 solo booth. Lineart Playground (Art fair) Ghent, Belgium
2006 group show the young ones 06 MDZ Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium
2005 duo show, Van Crombrugghe, Ghent, Belgium


08.2019  Sketches of a semiotic architecture @ Tartu Summer School of Semiotics, Tartu, Estonia
08.2017 I=f(O), Identity is a function of Otherness (Alterity) @ Tartu Summer School of Semiotics, Tartu, Estonia
07.2017 I=f(O), Identity is a function of Otherness (Alterity) @ Semiofest2017, Toronto, Canada
10.2016 Art & Semiotics @ SpaceDoctors, Brigthon, UK
06.2016 Axioms of a Semiotic Architecture @ Semiofest2016, Tallin, Estonia
06.2016 Differentiated non-differentiation @ Semiofest2016, Tallin, Estonia
09.2015 Semiotics & Art @ BILDNIS, Ostend, Belgium
03.2014 in-depth interview with Ben Benaouisse, Campaignman @ Tumultingent #2, Vloer0, Nucleo, Ghent, Belgium
06.2013 Unabridged encyclopaedia of human knowledge to date (an artist multiple) @ Semiofest2013, Barcelona, Spain
06.2013 a semiotician’s three, from accidental sign to power.symbol @ Semiofest2013, Barcelona, Spain
05.2012 When Semiotics and Art collide: noizuyo-e, pictures of the noisy world @ Semiofest2012, London, UK