P.I. Eendracht - L'union 2013

P.I. Eendracht – L’union 2013

Eendracht – L’union is a public intervention (p.i.) that will be on show during the city exhitibion “Kortrijk Vlaandert, van provincie naar provincie” in Kortrijk, Belgium. 4.7-18.8.2013.

Belgium (50 50 N, 4 00 E) has 10 provinces. 5 Flemish ones, 5 Walloon ones. Every single one of those 10 provinces has cobblestone roads. Every cobblestone road in Belgium has cobblestones that have come loose. Every one.

The photo gallery below shows 10 of those roads. How I found them & how I left them while going from province to province in preparation of the city exhibition “Kortrijk Vlaandert, van provincie naar provincie”.


Some more cobblestones I found on my travels.