7.11 Pop Up Art Convenience Store 11.7.2013 Kortrijk

7.11 Pop Up Art Convenience Store 11.7.2013 Kortrijk

7.11 Pop Up Art Convenience Store

Was a one-day Art happening during the exhibition “Kortrijk Vlaandert, van provincie naar provincie”. Where for one day only, small works, multiples, editions, catalogues, prints, etc of 20 artists participating in the exhibition were on sale, in an equally “for sale” gallery space in Kortrijk, Belgium.

The pop up shop was open from 11h till 19h, on the 11th of July, 2013.

Via a fortuitous calculation, starting with the fact that 2013 has the same numbers as 1302, a historically truly import date in Belgian history i.e. the year of the “Guldensporenslag” a famous battle between the to-be “Belgian” people against the French, and the fact that 2013-1302=711 … the exact date of the battle being July 11th 1302 (7.11.1302). And … the fact that 7-eleven is the biggest convenience store, in the world: A little shop was born on 7.11.2013 mixing historical facts, with consumerism and fluxus style happenings where artists take matters in their own hands offering their “goods” for sale in a low-threshold environment.

The list of participating artists that day:

Gery De Smet – www.gerydesmet.be // Lieven Segers – www.lievensegers.be // Line Boogaerts – lineboogaerts.hi-ka-sk.be // Vadim Vosters – www.vadimvosters.be // Koen Vanmechelen – www.koenvanmechelen.be // Elke Andreas Boon – www.elkeandreasboon.com // Stéphanie Leblon – www.leblon.be // Karen Vermeren – www.karenvermeren.be // Thierry Mortier – www.semiotic.tv // Alda Snopek – www.aldasnopek.be // Ben Benaouisse // Dirk Slootmaekers // Peter Weidenbaum – www.weidenbaum.be // Ekaterina Kaplunova // Chloë Delanghe // Olivier Deprez – www.olivierdeprez.info // Sanne Debrabandere – www.sannedebrabandere.com // Christophe Denys – www.christophedenys.be // Peter van Ammel – www.petervanammel.com // Jeroen Degrijse – www.jeroendegrijse.be

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