P.I. Ilya Prigogine in Kleur 2014

P.I. Ilya Prigogine in Kleur 2014

ILYA PRIGOGINE IN KLEUR was the title of a public intervention that took the form of a participatory, public exhibition held in a public colonnade in Ghent during the NOVGOROD ART FESTIVAL.

The exhibition “ILYA PRIGOGINE IN KLEUR” brought together over 50 Belgian Based artists … and public.

Every artist was asked to create one to three colouring pages inspired by the work and the person of ILYA PRIGOGINE, the Russian-Belgian Nobel prize winner in chemistry (1977), while still remaining true to their personal art practice.

After which all the colouring pages were reproduced and offered to the public at large … to colour and complete them. A possibility to trace, colour, adapt, transform the work of a contemporary artist and indeed participate in its creation. Once coloured they were exhibited at the colonnade.

Furthermore, a limited edition of 178 was produced together with TOPO COPY (link) which brought together all the colouring pages that were produced by the participating artists. It’s the private, participatory part.


Participating Artists: Alda Snopek, Annelien Vermeir, Anouk De Clercq, Barry Camps, Ben Benaouisse ft. Aiko Benaouisse, Benny De Grove, Britt Helbig, Caroline Vincart, Christophe Denys, Colin Waeghe, Conrad Willems, Daniel Dewaele, Dorien Van Bavel, Eric van der Kooij, Franziz Denyz, Hallveig Ágústsdóttir, Hans Everaert, Hilde Overbergh, Ief Spincemalle, John Van Oers, Jonas Vansteenkiste, Kristof Van Heeschvelde, Kurt Stockman, Liesbeth De Stercke, Lieven Segers, Lisette de Greeuw, Maaike Leyn, Margarita Maximova, Marnix Everaert, Matthias Yzebaert, Mattijs Van Damme, Meggy Rustamova, Michael Bouchez, Mira Albrecht, Nicoline Van Stapele, Nikolaas Demoen, Olivier Deprez, Olivier Goethals, Peter Morrens, Peter van Ammel, Peter Weidenbaum, Pieter De Clercq, Remco Roes, Roeland Nieuwborg, Roeland Tweelinckx, Sam Eggermont, Sara Bomans, Sara Gerard, Sarah Desmet, Steven Baelen, Tamara Van San, Tessa Groenewoud, Thanh Long Lam, thierry mortier, Thijs Van der Linden, Tom Woestenborghs, Yves Velter!