Retorikkabinett (3-27 March, 2022)

Retorikkabinett (3-27 March, 2022)

Färgfabriken offered KVADRENNALEN 6 weeks of space and time to work from – 4 weeks of those were open to the public under the name Retorikkabinett (Cabinet of Rhetorics) with:
works by: Nina Slejko Blom, Conny Blom, ulla-stina K Landberg, SverigeAkrobaterna, Vlady, Noemi Sjöberg, Ella Tillema and Thierry Mortier.
Performances, workshops and talks by:
Efva Lilja, Simon Sjöström, Peter (Mills), Conny Blom, Flat Octopus – Maria Nordsø Lundberg and Andrea Diaz, curated by Juanma Gonzalez – and Thierry Mortier.

My contributions to Retorikkabinett:
“De som är här, är härifrån – efter Walter Swennen”, a door mat welcoming the public into the spaces of Retorikkabinett. Text: “Those that are here, are from here”

Gatupratare (lit. translation: Street talkers) on the loose. 9 x A3 Gatupratare with recuperated art, political or non-sensical slogans + Vänligen rör inte konsten (Please don’t touch the art)

Flaggan ’22-26, an interactive installations allowing the public to vote on a new flag design for Sweden post-election.

“Why is Jimmie right” The art of political discourse and the political discourse of art, a talk on how the general perception on art is created through the discourse of politicians but also public and private art institutions.