Articulations/RIA 14.12.2014 - ...

Articulations/RIA 14.12.2014 – …

On Sunday 14.12.2014 Ben Benaouisse and myself launched our Art Magazine: Articulations/RIA.

A double feature magazine: R.I.A. Revolution Individuelle Appliquée by Ben Benaouisse (trimestrielle) and articulations by thierry mortier (published three times a year).

For the launch we decided to start with our last issue and in it our last words. Intrinsically implied in the nature of our collaboration is its ending. Hopefully, many years and many, many issues from now, but as the engagement is to continue publishing together, the end is already there. An inevitability that allowed us to figure out how to treat this time aspect in a non-linear manner. Furthermore, as it’s our last issue, there needn’t be more than one copy, which allowed us to make it a very special copy.

Together with Pati Petrykowska from Pony Press we printed a cover that is a genuine blueprint on one side and a silk screen on the other side. Inside only one single sheet of paper with both Ben Benaouisse’s and my last words. Words we believe to be true today, in 2014, and we’re convinced will still ring true in several decades from now.

This single last issue copy is signed by both of us and marked one of one.

Next to this one copy, two artist proofs exist that belong to the artists and are marked AP (artist proof) & EA (épreuve d’artiste).