13Chairs (13.1.2018 - 13.1.2019)

13Chairs (13.1.2018 – 13.1.2019)

13Chairs is a series of works commissioned by Ben Benaouisse and shown at the new SANTO center (Gentbrugge, Belgium) every thirteenth day of the month starting Saturday 13.1.2018 and ending one year later on Sunday 13.1.2019.

Mortier’s artistic practice departs from the inevitability that art is a relational process in constant need of completion™ which wittingly draws more attention to what is not there than to what is. Nothing is only noticeable in juxtaposition to something.

When Joseph Kosuth described his seminal work “one and three chairs” in 1970 he said “I used common, functional objects – such as a chair – …”. Placing his work well centred in the now. The chair had only started to become common about four centuries earlier. In the time between the Egyptian and Chinese ancestors and the 16th century chair the words common and chair had no place in the same sentence unless it was a clear negation. Very much like the use of photography in art, which has only become common in the 53 years since Kosuth made his “one and three chairs”.

For the first installment of 13Chairs mortier presents “the missing      ”.

1) Saturday 13.1.2018 “the missing      ”
2) Tuesday 13.2.2018
3) Tuesday 13.3.2018
4) Friday 13.4.2018
5) Sunday 13.5.2018
6) Wednesday 13.6.2018
7) Friday 13.7.2018
8) Monday 13.8.2018
9) Thursday 13.9.2018
10) Saturday 13.10.2018
11) Tuesday 13.11.2018
12) Thursday 13.12.2018
13) Sunday 13.1.2019

13Chairs is a series of series with a number of limited editions – please ask Ben for the details.