P.I. CCTV, corvus corone TV - (OFF TRACK) 2012

P.I. CCTV, corvus corone TV – (OFF TRACK) 2012

Public Intervention 2012 OFF TRACK

CCTV, Corvus Corone TV was a public intervention as the 42nd artist of TRACK. OFF TRACK.

which ran in the city of Ghent, BE. from 12.05.2012 until 16.9.2012.

from the TRACK manifesto:

“1. A city has no boundaries.

2. Art has no boundaries.

3. TRACK has no boundaries.

6. TRACK acts as a generator of dialogue, between the city, its inhabitants and its visitors. It interacts with different communities of all kinds and calls for participation.”

CCTV was an answer to that call for participation & as TRACK descended on the city of Ghent, 18 corvi corone or carrion crows (black crows) followed suit, functioning as cctv cameras in the six clusters of Ghent chosen by the curators of TRACK. Their feeds were transmitted to a central control wall of cctv monitors where an empty chair watched the noise go by.

// Quis custodiet ipsos custodes //

external link to gentblogt article on CCTV, in Dutch, here